Curious about collaborating? Just want to say hello? You can reach me at the form below. Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions:

I have a question about a recipe.
Please enter recipe-specific questions in the comments section of the recipe. This will help me get back to you faster.

I have dietary restrictions. What recipes can I make?
All of my recipes are safe for those avoiding meat, dairy and eggs. These recipes are gluten free and these recipes are nut free. I do not tag recipes for any other dietary restrictions at this time. Please always double-check your ingredients before making a recipe if you have an allergy or intolerance.

Sausage? Parmesan? I thought you were vegan.
All recipes and ingredients used at Karlie Cooks Plants are vegan. I may not specify “vegan sausage” or “vegan parmesan” in every single recipe, simply to avoid redundancy. Please know that any time you see a traditionally animal-based ingredient in a recipe list, I used a vegan version.

Do you accept guest posts?
I only publish original content.

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