Well, hello there.

Hi! I’m Karlie, and you must be interested in eating more plants. Here, you’ll find the recipes that I’ve added to my repertoire over my 8+ years of cooking and eating plant-based food. They’re homey, rustic, and nostalgic of classics I grew up eating.

I hope these dishes will get you excited for dinner time when you can get creative in the kitchen. Cooking and sharing food with people I love is my greatest passion, and I hope to spark that same fire within you — and if that already exists, consider this a fan to the flame.

Where it started

After working in restaurants for four years, I decided it was time to put my advertising degree to use with a desk job at a startup — but that didn’t squash my curiosity for food. I continued cooking my way through the world of plants, earning certifications from online culinary schools including Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Professional Course and Food Future Institute.

Taking the leap into full-time blogging

During the summer of 2022, I made the hard decision to quit my agency job to pursue my passion of food and veganism. I now balance my time between full-time blogging and helping other businesses with content marketing and SEO (you can learn more about my services here).

I’ll never stop experimenting with food, trying new recipes, and collecting an obscene amount of cookbooks. As as long as I’m on this wild ride, I thought I might as well share my learnings. Even if they only have an impact on one person, I’ll consider that a win.

My day-to-day

My husband Nathan washes more dishes than anyone ever should. Our cat Percy curiously watches it all from his perch on a barstool. If he’s a good boy, he’ll get a teeny nibble of his favorite food ever — bread!