Hey! I’m Karlie.

chef, BLOGGER, marketer, enthusiastic plant-eater

Here, you’ll find the recipes that are essential to the repertoire I’ve garnered over the last decade of working in restaurants cooking and eating plant-based food.

These dishes are cozy and rustic with an unexpected twist that elevates them to something truly special. They’re inspired by my travels in Tuscany combined with the produce that’s brimming at farm stands throughout the season here in Central Texas.

I hope these recipes will get you excited for dinner time when you can get creative in the kitchen. Cooking and sharing food with people I love is my greatest joy, and I hope to spark that same fire within you — and if that already exists, consider this a fan to the flame.

I studied advertising at The University of Texas at Austin. During my studies I was living downtown and working at restaurants to support myself financially. In my precious free time, I enrolled in online culinary school and cooked my way through the world of plants.

During the summer of 2022, I realized my digital marketing career wasn’t working for me anymore. I had worked my way up to management at an agency, and while I seemed successful on the outside, my physical and mental health were suffering big time.

Eventually, I made the hard decision to step away from my career to pursue my passion for sharing plant-based food. I went back to working in restaurants doing everything from prep to pastry to helping with menu development and social media content creation.

I now co-own and operate Loam, a plant-based supper club and catering company in Austin. We host dinner popups that have been featured in publications like Tribeza, Eater Austin, and more.

When I’m not working, I’m testing new recipes, buying obscene amounts of cookbooks, and watching food documentaries and shows. When the weather’s nice, you’ll find me tending to my vegetable garden, fawning over eggplants, peppers, beans, and cucumbers.

My husband Nathan washes more dishes than any human ever should. Our cat Percy curiously watches it all from his perch on a barstool. If he’s a good boy (which he always is), he’ll get a teeny nibble of his favorite food ever — bread! What can I say? Like mother, like son.